Strasbourg is a stunning city. It would definitely be a pity if I did not show you some more pictures of it.
What I did and see there during my weekend trip, you might have already read in my blogpost about the highlights of Strasbourg. Here you’ll find the city in pictures. Let them take you away to this beautiful place! 🙂

Kathedrale Notre Dame in Straßburg, Münster, Aussicht von Plattform,, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

The cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg seen from half way up. That was during our way up to the roof plattform. My knees were very shaky.

Blick auf den Nordturm von der Aussichtsplattform, Kathedrale Notre Dame, Münster, Strassburg, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

Impressive view of the North tower seen from the roof. If you can put your fear of heights aside or if you do not care about heights anyway, go for it, it is amazing.

Gotisches Portal der Kathedrale Notre Dame in Straßburg, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

The gothic beauty of the cathedral is just amazing.

Ill-Kanäle und Ponts Couverts in Strassburg, La Petite France, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

La Petite France/the Ponts Couverts and the towers of the weir seen from Barrage Vauban. It is a beautiful view, make sure to go for it!

Zwei Ill-Kanäle in Strassburg bei den Ponts Couverts, Münster im Hintergrund, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

This pittoresque little house is placed in between two canals. it is the office of the Ponts Couverts. What a place to work!

Fachwerkhäuser in La Petite France in Straßburg, Ill, Schleuse, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

The half-timbered houses of La Petite France seen from one of the many bridges. On the right side you can find on of the watergates for the boats.

Fachwerkhäuser an einem Ill-Kanal in La Petite France in Straßburg, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

I love these half-timbered houses! I could not stop taking pictures of them.
That was during my early morning tour at 6:30 in the morning. Everything was still calm and peaceful, and the ducks had not yet started their morning bath (which ruined the amazing mirror effect).

Entenstopfleber, Le Petit Tonnelier, Restaurant Strassburg, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

Not everyone’s taste, but I just adore it: Foie Gras served in the restaurant Au Petit Tonnelier. It is one of the typical specialities in the Alsace region. The restaurant is totally worth it, even if you do not order the Foie Gras… 😉

Street Art in Strassburg nahe der Barrage Vauban, Straßburg, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

All over Strasbourg you will find great pieces of street art like this impressive wall art at the Museum of Modern Art.

Bootsfahrt mit Batorama auf der Ill, Europaparlament, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

The European Parliament. To visit it inside you have to be early and register online before your trip (which we unfortunately didn’t do). This picture was taken during a guided boat tour.

Fachwerkhäuser an der Place St. Gayot, Straßburg, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

The charming Place du Marché Gayot. On the picture you see it in the early morning, during the day is is pretty busy with people. With a little luck you’ll get a table in the sun and can enjoy a refreshing drink.

Pause und Aperol Spritz im Cafe Broglie, Strassburg, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

One Aperol Spritz or two… The Café Broglie is not a cheap pleasure, but the little tables are perfect for a comfortable rest and to watch the people who pass by.

Pause, Nickerchen und Siesta auf einer Bank vor der Kirche St. Thomas in Straßburg, Wanderhunger, Fotostrecke

A sightseeing trip is exhausting. A little siesta in front of the church Église Saint-Thomas is just perfect in the afternoon.

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